090925_gracevineyards_110 090930_hainangolf_108 091025_hainanisland_010 091212_lhasa_029 091212_lhasa_092
090925_gracevineyards_110 090930_hainangolf_108 091025_hainanisland_010 091212_lhasa_029 091212_lhasa_092
090925_gracevineyards_110 Workers collect blue baskets full of grapes that have already been picked, and load them on to trucks and tractors, at the Grace Vineyards Winery south of Taiyuan in Shanxi province, Central China.
090930_hainangolf_108 Local fishermen ride motorcycles over an old bridge to transport their fish to market, near The Dunes Golf Club in Wanning, Hainan, China.
091025_hainanisland_010 Xiao Zhijin, Hainan Islands first professional golfer, works on his game at a driving range in Haikou city, the capital of Hainan province in China.
091212_lhasa_029 A group of monks playing musical instruments, like horns and drums, descend a narrow stairwell at the Ganden Monastery to start the Butterlamp Festival.
091212_lhasa_092 Pilgrims do prostrations around the Ganden Monastery during the Butterlamp Festival.
090925_gracevineyards_110 090930_hainangolf_108 091025_hainanisland_010 091212_lhasa_029 091212_lhasa_092




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Born in Toronto, Canada, Ryan Pyle spent his early years close to home. After obtaining a degree in International Politics from the University of Toronto in 2001, Ryan realized a life long dream and traveled to China on an exploratory mission. In 2002 Pyle moved to China permanently and began taking freelance assignments. In 2004, Ryan Pyle became a regular contributor to the New York Times covering China, more recently he has branched out in to mostly magazine. Ryan Pyle is based in Shanghai, China.

Ryan is a reportage style photographer, working almost exclusively in 35mm format range finder cameras. His work drifts between journalism and fine art as he roams through China shedding light on the country and its diverse people.

2010 – Chinese Turkestan – Arta Gallery - Toronto, Canada
2009 – Chinese Turkestan – Dylan Ellis Gallery - Toronto, Canada
2007 – Global Cities – Tate Modern - London, UK

2010 – PDN Photo Annual - Winner
2009 – Magenta Foundation – Flash Forward Emerging Photographer
2009 – PDN 30 – Emerging Photographer
2008 – Banff Mountain Culture – Honorable Mention
2008 – PDN Photo Annual – Honorable Mention
2007 – PDN World in Focus – Honorable Mention

Lecture Series
2010 – “China Through the Lens” – Columbia University
2010 – “International Photojournalism” – International Center for Photography
2009 – “Political Change in China” – University of Toronto
2008 – “China Rising” – University of Toronto

Recent Clients
TIME, Newsweek, Outside Magazine, Sunday Times Magazine
Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Fortune, Forbes, Der Spiegel, Stern, Financial Times, Foreign Policy Magazine

University of Toronto - The Asian Institute – Affiliate Member
Kodak Film Sponsorship – Color and B&W film
International Documentary Association