A_basin Mika_snowstorm Boxing_1 Spa_women_soft Ua_1
A_basin Mika_snowstorm Boxing_1 Spa_women_soft Ua_1
A_basin I've been shooting on the snow all my career. Here are some examples from a shoot at 12,000 feet in the Colorado Rockies.
Mika_snowstorm Perfect day for a catalog two page spread.
Boxing_1 End of a tough workout.
Spa_women_soft Day at the spa for catalog product.
Ua_1 These images were shot for Under Armour.
A_basin Mika_snowstorm Boxing_1 Spa_women_soft Ua_1






I photograph people and excel at capturing their energy, emotion, and love of life in a clean graphic style that is so honest you believe it’s really happening. My passion is to provide my clients with that rare and magical experience that they’ve done it! - they’ve taken their internal vision and brought it to reality. I take what they imagine and make it real, or at least look that way! Over the years I’ve photographed catalogs and advertising for Eddie Bauer, Champion Athleticwear, Performance Bicycle, Jerzees, The Sports Authority, Lands’ End, Sea Ray Boats, Augusta Sportswear, Under Armour, Spyder Skiwear, Burton Snowboards, K2 Skis  and The Orvis Company to name a few. My career began with ski and snowboard photography and then added steady work with various catalog apparel companies. Years of action photography has taught me how to capture the moment. Years of two week apparel projects for catalog has taught me the importance of the merchandising department, the imagination of the art directors and the importance of photographing that zipper snap just the right way. I’ve shot and produced projects both big and small, always with the goal of making my clients look great. 

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