Shane_riverb_w1 Mirror_lake_low_res Crowley_sunrise_crop_low_res Crystal_covelowres Santiago_canyon_low_res
Shane_riverb_w1 Mirror_lake_low_res Crowley_sunrise_crop_low_res Crystal_covelowres Santiago_canyon_low_res
Shane_riverb_w1 "The Lost Fisherman," was taken in the Eastern Sierra's of California along the Upper Owens River in early Fall.
Mirror_lake_low_res Taken at a pond just off of lake crowley, this is just a section of a panoramic photography i took in the Eastern Sierra's.
Crowley_sunrise_crop_low_res At only 8 degrees on this cold November morning, I caught this picture at sunrise as the fog was rolling across Lake Crowley.
Crystal_covelowres After 5 straight days of record rain fall in Souther Californa I photographed this sunset at Crystal Cove.
Santiago_canyon_low_res Sunset in Santiago Canyon in the City of Orange, California
Shane_riverb_w1 Mirror_lake_low_res Crowley_sunrise_crop_low_res Crystal_covelowres Santiago_canyon_low_res






Known for his keen eye and technical capabilities, Jeffrey Gerken applies his skills a professional freelance photographer at Southern California-based Jeff G Mr. Gerken's photographic work spans a number of specialties, including sports photography, modeling and headshot portraits, landscape photography, and special events photography. In addition to his multifaceted portfolio, Mr. Gerken maintains notable proficiency in a variety of digital altering techniques, utilizing Adobe Photoshop to further enhance already striking images. Understanding that the capture of a unique picture only marks the first step in producing an amazing photograph, Jeffrey Gerken devotes a great deal of energy to the retouching process, taking advantage of the most recent advancements in photographic technology. In his professional artistic endeavors, Jeffrey Gerken photographs numerous competitive sport competitions, such as mixed martial arts (MMA) events, baseball games, football games, and motocross races. Mr. Gerken's action photography takes cues from his own leisure activities. An experienced scuba diver, Mr. Gerken also enjoys basketball, football, fishing, surfing, skiing, golfing, and more. Though widely recognized for the action-packed shots of youth athletic events that he produces, Jeffrey Gerken provides photography services to recreational and professional sportsmen and -women of any age. Besides his notable proclivity for action photography, in which the artistry takes place in a fraction of a second, Jeffrey Gerken also enjoys shooting modeling spreads, work that requires carefully staged scenes, subjects, and lighting. Additionally, Mr. Gerken possesses a keen eye for landscape photography, and his subjects range from the Great Barrier Reef in Australia to the High Sierra Mountains in California and the breathtaking sunsets in Hawaii. This broad photographic experience gives Jeffrey Gerken the skills to capture complex special events such as weddings, corporate functions, tournaments, and private parties. To view Jeffrey Gerken's photographs, visit his website today at