Cathedral Schatz_mg_2321 Schatz_mg_3182 Schatz_mg_8801 Schatz_mg_3140
Cathedral Schatz_mg_2321 Schatz_mg_3182 Schatz_mg_8801 Schatz_mg_3140
Cathedral Cathedral shot for a best selling coffee table book, Nashville by Design: Architectural Treasures
Schatz_mg_2321 Erlanger Hospital Stroke Center for a centennial coffee table book for the UT Health Sciences Center.
Schatz_mg_3182 Ad for HCA Tristar Hospitals.
Schatz_mg_8801 Harpeth Hall School Admissions Viewbook
Schatz_mg_3140 Tourism ad for Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
Cathedral Schatz_mg_2321 Schatz_mg_3182 Schatz_mg_8801 Schatz_mg_3140






Bob’s admiration of photography began as a small child.  It was discovered that he had been sneaking his father’s camera before the age of six and a neighbor came to the rescue with a gift of a Brownie Box camera for Bob’s birthday by the age of eight. 

Bob simply wanted a career in film and photography that held commercial and illustrative appeal beyond traditional portraiture and family imaging.  His desire was to photograph people, places, and lifestyles whilst maintaining an artistic vision.  He followed some valuable advice, from a trusted friend, that encouraged him to pursue further accolades and notoriety as the exposure shifted Bob from passionate artisan to renowned advertising and editorial commercial photographer. His craft has a proven track record, and his work and portfolio of over thirty years is available, and frequently seen, in print advertising, corporate brochures and annual reports, books, stock photography, internet, and magazines, His current and past client-base is extraordinaire, from Time magazine to Honeywell Corporation, as well as many others.