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Any great photographer needs to have passion for their subject.

I can trace my love of food back to early childhood. Surrounded by culinary wonders, my earliest memories of food were formed around the Sunday dinner table in my Grandmothers basement in Brooklyn. To us sharing a meal was the essence of life and our world revolved around the endless courses that were laid out week after week. Laughter, tears, joy and heartache unfolded around those meals. Those experiences created my bond with food which is forever sealed.

I found my true calling when I combined my passions, food and photography. I am a food photographer. What makes me great at what I do is my love of food, my appreciation for how a meal is prepared and the absolute joy it brings me to experience it. To be able to translate that into a photograph is my art. My job is to entice you, to lure you, to create longing.

Allow me to share my vision with you. Enjoy.

Artist Mission.

The balance of light, composition and subject are essential to any great photograph. A food image also has to posess something extra. It has to motivate an emotional response and urge the viewer towards a specific call to action.

Great food photography evokes such a reaction. I call it the yum factor. It’s what entices the viewer to buy into the fantasy. Even though we know the audience can’t taste, smell or feel it, the visual impact is so overpowering it can stand on it’s own. It compensates for the absence of other sensory input.

My mission is to create such a reality. To bring the audience into my world and make them want. My goal is to create this desire with nothing more than a visual stimulus. I strive to achieve this through my work.

Take a seat at the table.

Bill Brady  Food Photographer